The Accentrix: The Accentrix

Waste of Time

Take all you want
Take it while you can
Cause it wonít be much longer
That youíll be my man
Scrape the bottom of the barrel
Suck me dry
Iíll walk away baby
You wonít see me cry


Iím ready to go
Iím pickin up my heart
Cause you trashed it
Iím makin a brand new start


I donít need you
I wonít need you
Youíre a waste of time
Youíre a waste of time


Iím walkin away
Iím rid of you
A few more hours
And itíll all be new
Donít come back begginí
Itís over for good
Stop cominí over
You know you should



One Day

This all came up quick, it just makes me sick
How you look at my face, could send me to another place
It's not meant to be, this thing with you and me
In another world or time, you could stop me on a dime
I saw you standin' there, and I caught your stare
I tried to turn away but instead I had to stay
The conversation was deep, for days I couldn't sleep
You thought along the way, that I was here to stay

Why don't you just leave me alone
stop callin' me, on the phone

So you'll just have to dream on....
I'll just have to dream on...
something could be one day,
something could be one day.

I put you outta mind, now I'm gonna find
you're like a black hole suckin' life from my soul
You won't go away, no matter what I say
there's no place to hide, baby I can say I tried

Little Did I Know

Illusions of happiness, I thought it was all real
Rows of nice houses, A nice hot meal

  Now thereísÖ
No place to call home
Now thereísÖ
No place to call home

  I guess Iíll Just roam
Thereís no where to go
I guess Iíll just roam
Iíll go where the wind blows

  Smiling faces around a table, fire keeps us warm
Little did I know, beneath there was a storm

No thereís no unity, no warm beds
No familiar roomsÖchildhood memories arenít dead

  You did it all for me, made it seem so sweet
Little did I know, someone else youíd meet


All in My Mind

You looked at me, maybe past me
I caught your eye, or did I?
You got it goiní on, but then youíre gone
I just saw you, out of the blue

  Was it me you came to see?
Was it her and not me?
All I know is I think
I think Iím on the brinkÖ.

  On the brink of love
Unrequited love
Itís all in my mind
Thereís no you I find

  Goiní through my daily grind, trying not to look behind
distractionís always near, your voice I seem to hear
These little hints I read, so subtle, they feed
My imagination so full, now Iím the fool


In This World

Walking through fears
Walking through tears
Iíll always be alone in this world
No one cares
No one dares
To be beside me in this world

  Itís all love to me
But no one seems to see

  Iím here with all of you
But inside Iím somewhere else
Iím here with all of you
Somewhere else in this world


So much greed
Theyíd watch me bleed
And watch me leave this world
Are they all blind
In their face theyíll find
So much love in this world


The Real You

So sorry I hurt you, it was the last thing I wanted
You were never there, I couldnít find you any where
I needed you beside me, you were away at sea
He saw my sad heart, and this all got itís start


Open your heart to me
Open your heart to me, so I can see..


See the real you
See whatís inside
Show me your love, donít let it hide


My heart is so worn if I only knew
My mind would be torn, was it Ďcause of you?

Tempt Me

It all starts babe, it all starts with a kiss
Itís all hot babe, could be hit or miss Wanna go on, wanna feel your touch Gotta go now, donít expect too much

  Moonlight up above, shines on your love

  You tempt me
With your love so sweet
You tempt me
Iíll admit defeat


Love your smile babe, the way you look at me
Love your way babe, canít let it be
I Feel you arms, feel them wrap around me
Should I stay around, or should I leave?


The Path

Following down this path, looking at the aftermath
I think about my life, all the love and all the strife
There were signs along the way, that kept me from going astray
Lessons learned finding you, things we all have to do

  Follow my heart, or follow my head
Or should I do nothing instead

  This path was given to me, I wish when I was small I could see
All the love Iíd find and all the pain Iíd hide 

  Itíll be ok, tomorrow starts with today
Enjoy the trip and scenery, it could be gone so fast, you see
Someone up above, shows us great love
Guides us to our destiny, where our soul will be set free



You said you were my friend
But I never knew it would end
You thought the world of me
I was lookiní at what was meant to be
I got too close to the line
Didnít know we wasted this time
Didnít know how shallow you were
That you would create this whole big stir

Why does it have to be this way?
I think about you every day

Friends come and they go
You used to be just a stoneís throw
Why didnít you let me know?
Friends come and they go

Why didnít you give me a clue
This whole thing keeps coming back to you
Even other people see
What you did wasnít fair to me
I try and try again
Wonderiní where youíve been
You never told me why
So now I guess Iíll say goodbye



  You think Iím so quiet, but I really could start a riot
You might not think I need you, but in reality I do
Sometimes the loneliness burns, my mind inward it turns
You turn away from me despite the fact your presence is right


I guess that you donít need me, but youíll see that I


I need someone like you
To hold me when Iím blue
I need someone like youÖÖ


You never realize you need friends, until it completely ends
I take it for granted all the seeds we planted


The Missing Piece
(for Brad and Candice)

For years I walked this path alone
Had no one to call my own
Now that youíre here with me
My journey alone is complete


  Youíll walk with me through it all
Iíll catch you when you fall
Words canít begin to say
The meaning of today


Youíre the missing piece
Of my soul thatís complete
Youíre the missing piece
I have found for keeps


For years loneliness I feared
Not anymore now that youíre here
The rest of my life Iíll have you
Because today Iíll say ďI doĒÖ